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Courses & Prices

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Mental Health Counselor Assistance Program


This program will be a  year long and the student will be able to do the first steps of the mental health process.

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Post Abortion Counselors Certification Program

This course will teach counselors the modalities of ​post abortion counseling from a Biblical perspective.

$ 250.00

​​Biblical Christian Counselor's Certification

This Certification in Biblical Counseling will inspire the students in helping to counsel those of faith.

$ 250.00

Domestic Violence Certification

Domestic violence comes in all form of violence and its ramifications I will be addressing the topics of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Elderly Abuse, and Substance Abuse and how we can help counsel, refer and educate others on this Horrible societal issues.​

$ 450.00

Certification in Substance Abuse

When we talk about Alcohol and Drug abuse we are speaking about a neurological, behavior and often times an inheritance disorder that destroys individuals, family, communities at large. In this Certification program, I will be teaching on all of these areas and much more.

$ 250.00

Introduction to the Crystal  World

The course will teach the individual the history of crystals, care, apply intentions and how to do therapy with them.


Introduction Course to Cha​kras 

This course will teach you what are Chakras and how they balance our energy fields. 


Minimize Health Issues with Crystals

There are many medical malfunctions that can be minimized with the help of Crystal healing. 

$ 49.00

Courses & Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

HIV/AIDS Counseling Certification

The course will instruct the individual of the history of HIV/AIDS and how counseling can be given to a Newly diagnosed person.

$ 150.00

This course is based upon the Lord Prayer to clear the negative energies deposited in the Chakras in a meditation process

I$ 49.00

Feng Shui Course

The study of Feng Shui is Profound.


The Meaning of Colors

Color Therapy is the art of healing your body through the amazing power of eating, wearing or imagining the appropriate color that helps heals your physical, psychological and emotional state.

$ 39.00

Reflexology Therapy is a course that would help both individuals who have a Medical Diagnosis or just for relaxation.

$ 75.00