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Please discuss the difference that exist between the Psychoanalytic theory between the theorist

Three Crystals that help fight Depression Tiger Eye, Lepidolite & Smoky Quartz

This golden brown stone combines the energy of the earth with the vibrancy of the sun to create the perfect level of vibrational healing. It works to ground your energy while lifting your vibration to more positive thinking. It’s a very protective stone that was traditionally used to ward off ill-wishes, spells and curses. Tiger’s Eye works to protect your aura from taking on the negativity of those around you. Wear it when you know you’re going to be in a confrontational situation or when you’re going to be around a negative person. The golden light in this stone helps to increase your feelings of self-worth and self-love – the two best weapons against depression.

This beautiful purple stone absorbs negative thoughts, especially obsessive ones, and works to open the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. Lepidolite contains lithium, so it works to stabilize mood swings and bipolar disorders. It also helps the wearer to make good decisions with clarity and confidence. Emotionally, it’s a very calming stone that aids sleep and balances excessive energy. It helps you to stand in your own space and speak your truth.

Easily found and very reasonably priced, Smokey Quartz is a great crystal to work with if you’re feeling frazzled and overworked by stress and depression. It’s one of the best stones to hold for grounding our energy, so it works hard to channel excess energy down your chakras and out into the ground leaving you only with the positive energy you need. This calming stone removes fear and lifts your mood. It helps you to tolerate and accept your situation while you’re going through it. Smokey Quartz lifts your mood and helps bring positivity into your life.

Crystal Discussion

Please discuss among yourselves how would you use these three stones within there diagnosis?

Tiger Eye, Lepidolite and Smoky Quartz

Also, please discuss how you would work with the stone for Bipolar Disorder and those for Anxiety.  

Lepidolite used for Bipolar Disorder

 is really cool because it has lithium crystals in it, a popular medication for people with Bipolar disorder. When lithium is used in a clinical setting, it brings balance to the emotions and can stabilize someone who goes between mania and depression in cycles.

These are the Crystals that are use to decrease Anxiety.

Student and Instructor Discussions

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