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Movies to Watch

Minimizing your Health Issues with Crystals 

Learning the different properties of Crystals and what they are will Empower you to minimize the health issues that you may be experiencing.

Biblical Counseling

The students in order to complete the Biblical Counseling Course  will be needing a Bible and a Bible Dictionary. Dr. Zayas, will be covering the Scriptures that speaks to the Biblical Counseling Theory. 

Looking in the Scriptures 

When ever we do Biblical Counseling we seek the word of God. And, we are able to see that Most of the Psych theorists have based their theories with the fundamentals of  Bible knowledge.

Coaching Transforming Lives

Life coaching is learning and experiencing your Transformation to success while you define your goals, polish your craft and reach your highest potential of Creativity. Using Maslow’s  Hierarchy of needs you will empower yourself to your highest good.