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These are the books needed for all of the courses. Now,  the Bipolar Disorder and Alternative Medicine & Hysterical Conversion and Crystal Healing correspond only to the Mental Health Counselor Assistance Certification course. All of these books are available to buy on Amazon. 

Freedom from Addiction

This is a fabulous book written by an Australian Hypnotherapist and a Friend. It's great reading and it's a Must for the Substance Abuse Certification

A Beginner's Guide to The Chakras

It's easy and delightful reading for the Chakra Course. This will help you understand how the Chakras works.

Crystal Healing & The Human Energy Field

This Book corresponds to the course called "Minimize Health Issues with Crystals"

Bipolar Disorder and Alternative Medicine

This is a brief history of Bipolar Disorder  and Alternative Medicine. The book includes different Psychological and Holistic modalities that can be used in a psychotherapeutic  session.

The Holy Bible

The students that will be enrolling in the Post Abortion and Biblical Counseling Certification program this is what we will be making references too. The students may buy the version of the Bible that they are most comfortable reading.

I'LL Hold You in Heaven

This Book I'LL Hold You in Heaven is a Must reading for those students who wishes to be Certified in Post Abortion Counseling

The Battered Women

An excellent book on Abuse on Woman with theories and concepts of why they Kill

The Crystal Bible

This Book by Judy Hall, is a must when learning about Crystals and it's properties

Color Therapy Certification

Theo Gimbel is the pioneer in the field of Color Therapy Research. In this certification course the student will learn what is color therapy and how it can be applied as a healing modalities. The Text books for this certification are

Colour Therapy Workbook by Theo Gimbel

Form, Sound, C0lour and Healing by Theo Gimbel

The Healing Energy of Colour by Theo Gimbel 

Hysterical Conversion & Crystal Healing

The book is a historical perspective of hysterical conversion and the power of using Crystal in a therapy session as a Holistic format